«The idea of calligraphy goes far beyond beauty and aesthetics. It cannot be measured or judged. It can be felt and perceived. One has to unlock their hearts before the Universe, and leave all the taboos and restrictions aside. We cannot touch calligraphy. We cannot take it in our hands. Still, there is character in this art. There is a soul in it. To get an in-depth understanding of what this art is indeed, you should find another Universe, more beautiful, elegant – a universe, which is cleaner and lighter. If you can see this universe, you can experience the second birth in a more beautiful and elegant world»

Alyeksandr Ganzorig


Images and essays You will find: http://calligraphy-expo.com/en/participants/Hans_Maierhofer


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Calligraphy is one of the way's heaven touches the earth. Let us be touched.

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